It started out innocently enough. Hubby and I followed up a movie with a nice dinner and then a nightcap at the pub. I caught site of her first and hubby’s gaze caught up quickly after.

Medium height, taut, but shapely, she was wearing a black cocktail dress. Long sleeved with a slight scoop in the neck, knee length. Very, very fitted, but not stretchy, tailored to hug her every curve and she had plenty. You could tell from the front that she wasn’t wearing a bra. But really, when she turned around, that’s where the action was. The back of her silk crepe de chine frock was low, very low, it grazed the top of a tattoo above her round ass; something blue and rustic looking. But the fun was in the harness that was exposed by that open back. Crisscrossing straps in black with gold rings, holding and caressing her body like an old lover.

 The slit up the back of the dress was so high, that when she walked she exposed her stockings and suspenders and little else for undergarments. A bit of cheek would peek out with each sashay.

 Her stilettos made a loud definitive clack with each step on the pub floor.

She sauntered over to me and smiled wide. A sweet innocent grin showing off big, white, pearly, straight teeth. I guessed right away that she was American, and I was vindicated when she said in a sweet American accent. “Hi, mind if I join you?” She kept her attention solely on me save for a glance and a nod to hubby. Hubby’s the strong silent type, not too tall, but quite macho, beefy even, a little unshaved. Sexy. I knew he was intrigued without even looking at him because…well hell.

I nodded politely, so she sat down and ordered an aged rum, neat. She proceeded to sip it while engaging me in polite conversation about our evening, if we lived nearby, the movie we saw etc. etc. It didn’t take her long though, to lean in and rest her hand on my thigh, my inner thigh; and she was moving it higher and higher. Hubby looked amused/aroused and couldn’t keep his eyes off her, which oddly titillated me.

She looked around, tossed her red hair and laughed. “Now where is my baby at?” and like magic, a gorgeous man appeared at her side. Tall with wavy brown hair, lean and wearing a bespoke suit that fit him like a glove. His eyes sparkled with mischief, much like hers. With big elegant hands he grabbed her slender waist and smiled at her. She beamed back at him. Then they fixed their gaze on me with their matching Cheshire cat grins.

We had been talking about music before and they mentioned that he had some original Led Zeppelin LP’s, quite rare, that were totally worth the listen to, if we’d like. Hubby and I looked at each other like, “hmmm, could be interesting?” And agreed to join them at his place for a listen and a nightcap. We left the bar together to grab a cab. Watching them walk out with her head on his shoulder, smiling at each other over some shared delight, their infatuation for each other was palpable. I felt a pang of jealousy for a moment as it had been awhile since hubby and I had felt that intimate.

In the cab things got a bit interesting because they started making out almost immediately. She was grabbing at his hair while they were kissing and he was squeezing and kneading her butt and pulling her closer. Hubby was in the front seat and kept turning around to sneak a peek of the action. I was halfway between mortified and intrigued, when she leaned back and placed that well manicured hand again, between my thighs and started rubbing. All the while kissing her man.

As abruptly as it started, it ended when we got to his place. They popped out of the cab and helped me out too and then up to his apartment we went.

Walking behind her on the stairs was really something because from this angle it was obvious she wasn’t wearing knickers, just suspenders and stockings. The glimpses of her hairless snatch and wiggly ass was boggling to say the least, as she sauntered up the stairs, clacking with every step.

When we reached the top, her man showed us in hospitably. He took our coats, led us to the couch and offered us a drink. As he looked through his sizable record collection to track down the rare LP’s, the lady in black took her cue, and busied herself humming and making drinks; dark rum and ginger beer with lime. Dark and stormy’s, she called them. We sat sipping for a minute while her man set the record on the player. As the opening chords of Kashmir careened out through the speakers, the feisty lady jumped up and started dancing. She gyrated with her drink in her hand, looking completely in her own world and oblivious to the rest of us. All of a sudden, she snapped out of it and took a few purposeful strides towards me, all the while staring me down with her fiery gaze. I blushed a little at her attention as she extended a hand to me and said, “dance with me.” It was not a request.

Either from the drink or her body rubbing mine with the music, I started to feel much looser and relaxed, so as she pulled my bulky cardigan off exposing my tank top and shorts, I didn’t mind in the least. I looked back at hubby who seemed pleased and amused while he was talking to her man. They kept one eye on us and another on each other. Not sure who to pay more attention to.

And then she leaned in, hands on my face and kissed me. Soft, slow sweet and very sensuous. With her pillowy lips and gently probing tongue, she teasingly explored my mouth. While locked in her embrace she pulled me closer and her hands started roving my body; exploring my athletic frame, squeezing my ass, rubbing my tits, touching my neck and pulling me close.

I glanced over and both hubby and her man had halted their discussion. All eyes were fixed on us and for some strange reason, that turned me on even more. I grabbed her neck, ground my hips into hers and kissed her with all the fire that was burning in my belly. She sweetly pulled my hands from her neck and placed them on her hips and winked at her man. Then her hands found my inner thighs again and started moving up. With one hand she pushed the crotch of my shorts over, searching. She found my mound and began to rub; softly, so softly that I started to sway my hips into it wanting more, more and more.

Quickly she looked me in the eye for assent and I nodded unable to speak. At that she grabbed my hand and led me into a gorgeous bedroom. King sized brass bed, clothed in fine white linen. Facing the foot of the bed was a dark wooden chair that looked more like a throne, than anything else. I spied a hook on the ceiling and a variety of sundry instruments and toys lined up on a highly polished art nouveau desk in the far corner, but I couldn’t see much else because she had already pushed me on the bed, facedown. She jumped on my back and started kissing my neck and pulling at my hair.

She kissed and bit and nibbled at my neck for awhile, while grinding into me and tugging my ponytail. I could feel her hand between my thighs, it was moving up again. She casually pushed my shorts and underwear aside and started stroking my pussy. At that point hubby came in with her man.

Her man seemed to angle hubby into the throne and so he sat down. She quickly withdrew her hand from my hungry cunt, got up and whispered, “watch,” to me.

She walked over to him while unzipping her dress. It fell to the floor in a crumpled heap as she sauntered away from it in her harness, stockings, heels and nothing else. She turned back at me and winked. Then she strolled up to hubby, terrified and excited as he was, and placed one knee on his thigh and then the next until she was straddling him on the throne with nothing between her snatch but his wool gabardine and boxer briefs.

Then she sank her pussy onto his cock. I could see her ass bouncing up and down on his cock as his bulge grew and grew. She kissed him while rubbing his chest until his hands flew up to grab her neck and she grabbed them both before they could land their destination. She pinned his hands down on the chair arms and continued to grind and kiss him. I could see his pants getting tighter and tighter as she rubbed her bare pussy on his lap, probably leaving a leaky trail behind.

Out of nowhere she procured some rope and started wrapping hubby's arms to the arms of the chair, but once they were wrapped enough she would look back and her man would come over and finish the knot. All the while she was kissing him and grinding him, she never missed a beat. Once her man had finished knotting hubby's second arm, he kissed her while grabbing her throat with one hand and her ass in the other. Then he bit her upper lip, bucked a leather collar with a long chain leash attached to it around her neck, nodded at her and walked back to a spectator chair in the corner of the room from which he had a perfect view of the bed and hubby on the throne.

Now with hubby tied to the chair, she hopped off his lap, put her finger in her pussy and then shoved it into his mouth. I noticed he didn't look too upset at this and eagerly sucked off her juice while she giggled. Then she lightly slapped him across the face and crawled back to me.

No really. She got on all fours, and sniffed the air, and looked around in a cat-like manner until she crawled slowly to me, the chain making a dragging noise across the parquet. She leapt onto the bed and on top of me. Then she licked her paws, I kid you not; and flipped me over. Face to face with her, she smiled at me with a wicked grin and pulled my tank top up over my head, lifting my arms in the process. When my arms were sufficiently over my head, she double looped the tank over my hands effectively tying them together, though not very tightly.

Then she undid my lace bra and just slid it up around my chin. She started rubbing her tits on mine and pushing her body into me. All the while she was looking at me dead in the eye and smiling, her evil innocent little girl grin.

She was pushing really hard with her pussy on mine when she jumped down and in one foul swoop my shorts and panties were off and I was completely naked. I looked at hubby and he nodded enthusiastically. I was in no position to argue. After pulling my shorts and undies off, she looked at me like, “game on” and I saw a fire light in her eyes. Funnily at that point she looked at her man, who had taken off his jacket and vest and was quietly rolling a joint in his chair in the corner. He subtly nodded to her and she shrieked with childish laughter.

She leaned her face in between my legs and started lightly licking and alternately blowing on my pussy. Very light, so gentle, too gentle. I wanted more and more and she was so slow and determined. I was pushing my pussy towards her face begging her to be harder, do more, hurt me, and I noticed her look back at her man, smoking now, I saw him give the slightest nod and at that she slapped my pussy, hard! Ow!

But I liked it. The sting felt marvelous! Mmmmm. She immediately took my clit and lips in her mouth to suckle them softly and ease the pain. Once it had abated a bit, I saw her look back and I barely saw him nod when she smacked my pussy again, hard! She smiled, her sickly sweet devil grin and dove back in sucking and teasing my pussy.

At this point I was in hot agony. I wanted to come so badly and I wanted to be fucked so badly. When all of a sudden she pulled off my pussy, peered at my face and said very sweetly, “can I fuck you with a strap-on?”. I looked at hubby, I didn’t think he had heard her, but he nodded enthusiastically anyway. So I smiled and I nodded enthusiastically too. Oh man and that was all she needed. She squealed in delight, jumped off the bed and skipped over to her man who helped her into the strap-on and buckled it in the back for her.  Then she waltzed back over to me, her hands all lubed up rubbing her new cock and smiling.

 I caught my breath for a minute. Am I gonna do this? I looked around the room at her all amped and lubing up; her man, just smoking a joint, so relaxed he could have been watching a movie; and my man, looking like he's about to skyrocket out of the chair; and I think about my throbbing dripping snatch and say to myself, "Yeah. Let this bitch fuck me."

She spreads my legs open and dives her nose back down for a minute, casually lapping at my lips and clit, then she slides 2 fingers in slowly, sucking my clit all the while. I start to moan and my legs may have shaken a little, but then she abruptly pulls her fingers out of me and gently flicks my clit. She straightens up to show me her strap-on. Big, black, and shiny with lube and smiles again.  She starts tapping it on my pussy and lips, asking for entry. She does this for a little bit until the combo of the lube and my wet pussy grant her entrance. She slides inside, deep and I gasp. Legs bent on the bed with this crazy harnessed sex goddess between my legs, I do wonder, what in the fuck???? And she grabs my ass tight and fucks me good, good missionary. You know about that? No one ever talks about it. But good missionary is the shit. Your legs are open, on your back, and you’re getting slowly unholy fucked while someone is rocking themselves on your clit. Heaven.

So she rubs her soft belly on my clit as she fucks me slowly with her big fat cock. I start getting so hot and taken away, I almost completely forget about my husband. She gets me so close, my pussy starts to contract and my body starts to feel as if it would melt in this bed and she pulls out, quickly, hard and wet. Deftly she flips me on my stomach and raises my ass up. She leans her face down and makes a few laps with her tongue on my wet swollen cunt. She eases the big black dildo into my pussy and starts slowly fucking me while her hand reaches around, searches for my clit and gets to rubbing it very slowly, achingly.

All of a sudden I feel a boom, and I look back to see her man, naked now, standing behind her, fucking her, while she’s fucking me. She’s kneeling up with her head leaned back on his shoulder and his head is angled around and they’re kissing while his hands are at her throat. They look like the world could burn to the ground around them and nothing, nothing would matter but this moment.

Eventually, she stops kissing him and leans forward to concentrate on me, all the while getting fucked. She rubs my clit and fucks me slowly as I stare at hubby who's staring back mesmerized a half-crazy smile perched on his lips, and look back again to see her sinewy man fucking her from behind, I can’t help but come loudly, crazily, achingly, hungrily. As I come, she tugs my hair and massages my asshole and it turns me to dust.

When I recover, she unties my wrists and I jump up and am about to run to hubby, but she stops me and hands me a small sharp survival knife and says, “you can cut him free, get dressed and show yourselves out,” with that naughty grin.

As we walk out, a bit disheveled and worse for the wear but floating 2 feet high, I see them fucking doggy style, hard, while he’s wearing an actual crown and yanking on her leash, and I can hear snippets, “Odin, Harley, Succubus” and I don’t really know what they mean. But well, I get it.